4 Tips for Building a Startup Without Needing to Code

These days, every startup under the sun, even non technology based ones, seem to always need fancy websites, apps, and backend systems that could launch a rocket.   Really, these fancy finishes won’t make or break many startups, at least initially.  Many entrepreneurs are able to launch with little more then a WordPress and a Shopify account.

Here’a few tips that will take from entrepreneur with a powerpoint all the way to the bank:

1. Focus on your Customers:

At the end of the day, whether you work for yourself or you work for a boss, your customer is the one who pays the bills.  If you find that there are people chomping at the bit to use your product, the technology is not as important.  Focus on acquiring customers and serving them.

2. People First, Tech Second:

Think about what your startup special.  Is it possible a person could do this until the technology is there?  A proof of concept perhaps? Consider this before you spend or don’t spend on tech.  It can really a=effect your business.

3. Go Off the Shelf:

Are there any off the shelf systems you can turnkey to get off the ground? Do your homework about this, because it might just save you a headache and some money.

4. WordPress, WordPress, WordPress:

Ahh, wordpress is magical.  Everyone uses it, including developers who make plugins that are available for a low price or sometimes free.  See if you can get a plugin to worpdress before you hirer a coder.

Now that you have a different perspective, don’t run to a coder or spend all of your time learning.  See what else is out there and make some money.